We are a literary archiv and an academic institute in the faculty of arts at the Unversity of Potsdam. Theodor Fontane (1819-1898), his time and his contemporaries form the core of our work. Founded in 1935, the archive resides in the Villa Quandt at the foot of the Potsdam Pfingstberg. Our team of literary and cultural scientists, archivists, librarians, and student workers render services in everything Fontane and Fontane research, complete research projects and host cultural events.  

Scope of Operations

Literary Archive

Established out of Fontane’s literary estate, the Theodor Fontane Archive commands over a comprehensive inventory of manuscripts, documents and realia, which has been continuously augmented through acquisitions and expanded through reception certificates. Moreover, we command over a constantly augmented library with nearly all literature to and from Fontane.


Collections & Holdings

Research Institute

As a scientific institution we conduct foundational research, compile bibliographies, editions, and research publications, and invite to symposiums and congresses. In cooperation with universities and research institutes in the region, we perform experiments with an emphasis lying inter alia in the field of digitalisation from literary archives and Digital Humanities. 



Cultural Institution

As a memory institution and meeting place for Theodor Fontane and his time, the archive invites to a diverse cultural educations and experience offerings for Fontane newcomers and fontane experts. We organise tours, lectures, workshops for pupils and students, readings and discussions in the Villa Quandt at the foot of Potsdam's Pfingstberg.

Cultural Institution

About the Fontane Archive


Since its founding in 1935, the Theodor Fontane Archive has had a chequered history in the Third Reich, in the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany. Here, we introduce you to a few stations of this German-German history.



The Theodor Fontane team is composed of experienced Fontane experts and engaged up-and-coming scientists. You can meet the faces of the archive here. 


Theodor Fontane Archive Team


The Theodor Fontane Archive offers numerous services: from support in research and publication, and work in our reading room, to releases for photo rights.


Digital Fare

Fontane's Digital Manuscripts

The Theodor Fontane Archive has digitised the entirety of its manuscripts. The holdings of digital manuscript collection will be put successively on the internet.


Digital Manuscripts

Fontane Bibliography Online

The 3 volume Fontane Bibliography, compiled from Wolfgang, was published in 2006. An updated and expanded Bibliography can be accessed as an online databank since 2019.

Fontane Bibliography Online

Fontane Blätter Digitisation

The first 50 volumes of the biannual “Fontane Blätter”, published since 1965, have been digitised in cooperation with the Potsdam University Library.


Fontane Blätter Digital