Digital Services

Convinced by Open Data and Open Access ideas, the Theodor Fontane Archive has been supplementing its service offerings with digital services since 2019 – thereby turning into a Digital Archive. Our holdings, indexing and metadata, as well as other important research data are thus made available to the public, freely and location-independent. The digital provision of quality-assured knowledge is a process: on the one hand, the existing data holdings are constantly being supplemented, and on the other hand, we are gradually adding additional services.


In 2006, the Fontane Bibliography compiled by Wolfgang Rasch was published in 3 volumes. The updated and expanded bibliography has been available as an online database since 2019.

Fontane Bibliography

Correspondence Database

Fontane’s letters are regarded as important testimonies and as valuable works in their own right. The Fontane Correspondence Database digitally continues decades of cataloguing work.

Correspondence Database


The Fontane Chronicle by Roland Berbig, published in 2010, contains information on over 20,000 days in Fontane’s life. Since 2021, the Fontane Archive has continued the chronicle digitally.



The Theodor Fontane Archive has digitized all of its manuscripts. In the Digital Collection of Manuscripts, we are successively putting these holdings online.

Digital Collection of Manuscripts

The »Fontane Blätter« Journal

More than 50 volumes of the journal Fontane Blätter, which has been published by the archive since 1965, have been digitized in cooperation with the Potsdam University Library, and new issues are being added continuously.

Fontane Blätter

Fontane’s Library

A research project with the UCLab of the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences developed a prototype of an interactive visualization of Theodor Fontane’s reference library.

Interactive visualization of the reference library

Upcoming Digital Services

Library Catalog Online

In cooperation with the »Universitätsbibliothek Potsdam« (Potsdam University Library), the Theodor Fontane Archive is currently preparing the publication of its library catalog as an OPAC. For the time being, limited searches can also be performed in the Fontane Bibliography, where large parts of our library’s holdings are indexed using the »shelfmark« field.

Picture Collection

The archive has a collection of about 2,200 pictorial documents (photographs, paintings, prints), for example portraits of Fontane at different ages and of his family members. In the future, this collection will be digitized and made available on the web.

Further Reading on the Digital Services

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