15.11.2023, Press Release

»Lesende Dame«

Spektakulärer Ankauf: Das Theodor-Fontane-Archiv erwirbt das Adolph von Menzel-Gemälde »Lesende Dame«.


Thu, 30 November 2023, 19:00

Schmal­hansküchen­meister­stud­ien im…

Zwei lang erwartete Neuerscheinungen werden von ihren Verfasser*innen vorgestellt.


Fri, 15 December 2023, 16:00

Weih­nacht­spun­sch in der Villa Quandt

Die gemeinsame Weihnachtsfeier des Archivs mit der Fontane Gesellschaft bietet leiblichen wie geistigen Genuss.

Objekt des Monats

01.11.2023, Blog Post

Lyr­isches Font­ane-Porträt

Wir stellen Julius Babs Buch Lyrische Porträte von 1912 aus unserer Bibliothek vor.

Objekt des Monats

27.11.2023, Blog Post


Neuerscheinung: Lothar Weigert und Klaus-Peter Möller erforschen Fontanes Tätigkeit für den Berliner Zweigverein der Deutschen Schillerstiftung.


20.09.2023, Press Release

In­ter­view mit Anna Busch

Ein Gespräch über Fontane, seinen 125. Todestag, neue Forschungsentwicklungen und die Aktualität des Archivs.

FontaneVR: the 3D interactive environment for literary societies

FontaneVR - The Project

In the project FontaneVR, the »Theodor Fontane Gesellschaft e.V.« cooperates with the Theodor Fontane Archive to develop a prototype of a 3D interaction environment for literary societies, which is modeled on the premises of the Theodor Fontane Archive.

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FontaneVR - The Model

For the FontaneVR project, Villa Quandt will be modeled as a virtual 3D environment and equipped with a curated series of specific presentation and interaction scenarios that can be visited individually or (accompanied by professional guides) collectively. The project is browser-based.

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FontaneVR - The Tour

You want to discover the 3D model of the Theodor Fontane Archive and get an impression of the house and the different digital exhibitions? In this video you can tour the virtual archive.

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Research focus »Digital Literary Archive«

Archival Algorithm

Here, we experiment with new ways to  explore archival data using algorithms.

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The TFA.lab is a humanities laboratory in which we experiment with the archive's Digital Humanities projects. We invite everybody to join.

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Distant Reading Fontane

Here, we conduct digital analyses of Theodor Fontane's texts in their historical context.

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Virtual Exhibition: Tracing Fontane's Legacy

For more than eighty years, the Theodor Fontane Archive has been preserving, indexing, researching and presenting the most extensive authentic »traces« of Theodor Fontane.  Since the end of 2019, these »traces« - thousands of manuscripts, but also paintings, drawings and photos as well as life documents of all kinds - can be experienced even more vividly by visitors of the archive: The mobile panel exhibition »Tracing Fontane's Legacy« allows you to explore the Theodor Fontane Archive - its history, holdings and activities - and a wide variety of life documents of Theodor Fontane.

Digital Services


In 2006, the Fontane Bibliography compiled by Wolfgang Rasch was published in 3 volumes. The updated and expanded bibliography has been available as an online database since 2019.

Fontane Bibliography

Correspondence Database

Fontane's letters are regarded as important testimonies and as valuable works in their own right. The Fontane CorrespondenceDatabase digitally continues decades of cataloguing work.

Correspondence Database


The Fontane Chronicle by Roland Berbig, published in 2010, contains information on over 20,000 days in Fontane's life. Since 2021, the Fontane Archive has continued the chronicle digitally.



The Theodor Fontane Archive has digitized all of its manuscripts. In the Digital Collection of Manuscripts, we are successively putting these holdings online.

Digital Collection of Manuscripts

The »Fontane Blätter« Journal

More than 50 volumes of the journal Fontane Blätter, which has been published by the archive since 1965, have been digitized in cooperation with the Potsdam University Library, and new issues are being added continuously.

Fontane Blätter

Fontane's Library

A research project with the UCLab of the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences developed a prototype of an interactive visualization of Theodor Fontane's reference library.

Interactive visualization of the reference library

Missing holdings and returns after 1945

Missing Holdings

Numerous collection items of the Theodor Fontane Archive were lost in the last months of the war in ways that remain unexplained to this day. A complete overview of the missing holdings can be found here.

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Returns after 1945

The history of the Theodor Fontane Archive since 1945 has also been marked by returns and reacquisitions from private and public collections. A tabular overview of the returnees since 1945 can be found here.

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[D]as Menschlichste, was wir haben, ist doch die Sprache, und wir haben sie, um zu sprechen ... .

»Unwiederbringlich«, Kapitel 13